In order to make Emoji For Outlook work for the first time you must enable macro settings in Excel and in Outlook.

The installation process should take about 2-3 minutes. you can watch the whole process here.

  1. Make sure that all Excel worksheets and the Outlook application are close.
  2. Open Excel blank worksheet.
  3. Under the "File" tab Choose "Options". On the left side you will see "Trust Center", choose it.
  4. Choose "Trust Center Settings" on the right side. (see representative image)
  5. On the left side you will see "Macro Settings", choose it.
  6. On the right side, choose the 4th option - "Enable all macros".  (see representative image)
  7. Click "Ok" and close Excel.
  8. Open Outlook and Repeat steps 3-7.
  9. Click "Ok" and close Outlook.
  10. Open the file "Emoji.xlsm" and click the install button. (download link is located at home page)
  11. Reopen Outlook, and click to open a "New Email". (or press ctrl + N)
  12. On the top off the New Email window click the small arrow to expand the "Customize quick access toolbar" ribbon. (see representative image)
  13. Click on "more commands". (see representative image)
  14. On the top left change the ribbon from "Popular Commands" to "Macro". (see representative image)
  15. Click once on "Project1.showEmoji" to choose it and click "Add".
  16. On the right side, click ones on "Project1.showEmoji" and click the "Modify" button. (see representative image)
  17. Choose the yellow smiley and click "OK". (see representative image)
  18. Close Outlook and Reopen it.

Now you are good to go! Enjoy Emoji For Outlook.